Medico-marketing consultancy tailored to your needs

Why we’re different

At Alchemist, we work differently to the large consultancies out there! We are nimble, we are fast, and we can add to your team or work independently, which means our clients save time and add experience.

So, if we accept a project, the principles we apply to the way we work are:

  1. We are committed to delivering quality work to the time and delivery schedule
  2. It’s our responsibility to ensure that we understand the brief before we start any work. This doesn’t mean lengthy emails, but it does mean that we ask questions and then summarise our understanding of the brief by email, clarify the timeline and provide any progress reports scheduled along the way
  3. We are committed to working in partnership with you to ensure a quality output. This means we may make suggestions if we feel there is a better approach or if we feel we can get a better outcome
  4. Delivering to budget is critical. We estimate and monitor the time we spend regularly and will always flag transparently, in advance, if anything changes that may impact this
  5. Clear ongoing communication is critical. A project kick-off meeting is the first step. It’s important that we attend (virtually or in person) any relevant team briefings or updates and schedule regular touchpoints
  6. Compliance is core to our work, and we will input in this regard

If you’d like to discuss any projects, call us on
+44 (0) 1753 856181 or email